Monday, 16 June 2014

the plan

When we win our independence in September 2014, every single Yes group and individual voter will have made it happen. Such an historic achievement will go down in history. This is a movement that will have won our sovereignty by democratic means, through the ballot box, with not a shot fired and not a single person's life lost. This will have been a bloodless revolution.

Once we've recovered from the celebrations, every single group involved with the Yes campaign is invited to design and create a fabric-based panel that includes their group logo. Each panel will form part of a long patchwork, 3 or 4 panels deep depending on the number of panels we have.

The plans for putting the whole thing together and where it will eventually be on permanent display will come later, so watch this space. Currently the timescale is thought to be around a year for all the panels to be completed. Everyone in Scotland should have the chance to see the completed project, and a network will be set up for passing it from one city to the next before it goes to its permanent home. It will also have a permanent home on the net with its own site.

Panel design:

You can use collage, applique, embroidery, cross-stitch, machine embroidery or anything else fabric-based. The design is completely up to you, but the one element that should appear is your group logo, even if that's simply the Yes badge with your town or village name on it. If you don't have a logo, design one!

Panel dimensions: 

Each panel to be 26" / 66cm square giving a margin of 1" / 2.5cm around the design that will be 24" / 61cm square

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